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Since its inception in 2013, SJA Productions™, under the vision of Film Director and Producer Shikha Janet Alagh, emerges as a promising film production company in Mumbai, India. The company specialises in producing short films, ad films, series, and feature films. Among their critically acclaimed works are 'Deaf Ears' and 'Mirrors Never Lie,' which have garnered awards and accolades at film festivals in London, Los Angeles, South Africa, Pakistan, Europe, Bangladesh, and Mumbai, as well as several other cities across India.

The name "Shikha" means flame, symbolizing light in the darkness, a theme that resonates with the mission of SJA Productions™. The flame in the company's logo represents this vision, aiming to illuminate important contemporary issues and themes through their films. SJA Productions' latest short film, 'Split,' is currently being showcased at film festivals both in India and internationally. Looking ahead, the company is excited to embark on new ventures, including music videos, web series and feature films, continuing its journey of crafting meaningful and engaging content for diverse audiences.

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